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Welcome to THE EMPTY NESTER, 1st edition The number next to the title The Empty Nester is the number of days I have officially been an empty nester. I give you this information for no reason other than to offer you comfort. The number of days is different for everyone, meaning it has taken me this long to be okay with it.  I can still…

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Sep 22nd, 2015 buy prednisone for dogs online mwmelissa 2 min read

After moving my son 1600 miles away from home to continue his education in law school I’ve realized some things my mom never told me. 1.It still hurts to say goodbye, even though he is 23, and realize it always will. 2. He wants and needs his independence from you, meaning, no unsolicited advice. He seeing everything you say as treating him like he is…

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Sep 11th, 2015 buy prednisolone for dogs uk mwmelissa 12 min read

Elaine Turner Fall Wardrobe 2015 It’s Fall Y’all, which in Texas, means we are celebrating the end of summer and hoping for cooler temperatures to usher in the fall season. Upon it’s arrival ,the leaves will begin to change colors and fall from the trees as the days become shorter and the nights longer. I always look forward to this time of year with cool…

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Aug 26th, 2015 buy prednisolone for dogs uk mwmelissa 10 min read

All over the stores this fall you can find every kind of plaid you could ever imagine! Showing up in blouses,skirts,pants and scarves you have many options to choose from. The bottom line – Plaid shirts won’t die, they only continue to evolve. I have found some interesting facts and history about plaid and how it became so popular. Let’s start with the origin of…

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The Mystic Bazaar collection by Kendra Scott Jewelry is one of the many beautiful collections Kendra Scott has designed. This is her story: By combining her love of fashion and philanthropy , she has created jewelry that has become a household staple in Hollywood. True to her Texas roots, bigger and better, she is known as ‘Texas’ best kept secret”. Her story of how she turned $500 into…

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Jul 28th, 2015 buy prednisolone for dogs uk mwmelissa 11 min read

As a kid I was athletic and I enjoyed playing softball, volleyball and running track; however, as I got older, other activities and responsibilities took the place of my involvement in sports, and I began classes at the YMCA for exercise while my children were in school. When my children got older, I started playing golf with a group of ladies and then a few…

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Elaine Turner, is the President and Creative Director of her Company, a Texas based luxury collection of handbags, shoes, accessories and apparel line are created with classic silhouettes and feminine style. She draws inspiration from her extensive travel to bring forth her creative side. Elaine’s goal is to use her designs to create elegant,yet affordable, accessories that make women feel beautiful both inside and out….

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Founded in 1989 by MaxAzria, BCBG is his lifetime vision. A Paris native,moved to the U.S. in 1981, offering hip french fashion to American women. BCBG Maxazria was named for the french phase “bon chic, bon genre,”a slang meaning” good style, good attitude. The brand embodies a true combination of European sophistication and American spirit. BCBG mission statement BCBG is committed to designing, marketing and…

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