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The Jumpsuit is an easy to wear option for both day and night. I am wearing a blurred floral jumpsuit from # Nordstrom . Perfect for a day in the Art gallery or lunch with friends.   The Solid black jumpsuit from  # Trina Turk is so versatile and comfortable. This is a piece you can travel in wearing flats then add heels and jacket for…

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Use this page to guide your style for the week. I am confident you can create your own version of these looks from your very own closet. Accessories, like a silk scarf or a one of a kind piece of jewelry sets your outfit apart from the norm,so, go ahead and splurge on these pieces. You’ll be amazed how those pieces really pull an outfit…

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 Make~up artist Claudine, with Nordstrom, shows us how to lift the appearance of our eyes with Trish McEvoy’s eyelift makeup and technique. I attended this event to get the scoop for my subscribers and have started using this product and application myself. I feel it does improve the shadows around the eyes, and don’t forget the danger zone ! The inner eye area in the…

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