Is this you?

Is this you ?

We’ve all had those days when nothing seems to get done, and just looking at the stack of mail and bills to paid can be overwhelming . Not to mention the stack of magazines and catalogs you can only dream about having the time to look through.  You need help!

Is this you?

or is this you?

Please allow me to give you a hand. Although I can’t read your mail or pay your bills, I can get you, in my opinion , the most useful information from  many of the Fashion and Health magazines. Every week I will post Fashion, Beauty and Health tips. The benefit for you~ Time saved and no subscriptions to pay.  Let’s get started!

Health Tip #1    Health Magazine 3/15

” Get Some Rest”   A Brigham Young University study found that women who slept between 8-8 1/2 hours a night had the lowest levels of body fat. Why? Lack of sleep can wreak havoc on hormones  that control fat metabolism.

Beauty Tip #1    Instyle Magazine  3/15

“Put a wing on it’

“These wings give some intensity and interest to the eyes ” says Beyonce’s makeup artist Sir John.  To get this look “place a tiny dot outside each eye on the area where you want the line to end, then draw out to the mark in one fluid stroke. ” you can use a pointed cotton soaked in makeup remover to clean up the edges.

Fashion Tip #1   Instyle Magazine

“How to wear the Jumpsuit”

The most flattering fit has a forgiving slouch or structure that allows you room to move about freely and most importantly breathe! The jumpsuit is best complimented  by a statement necklace and chunky heels.    Note~ If your not a fan of the jumpsuit you can achieve a similar look by wearing  solid color pants and blouse together.Try to stick to the same designer so the color match is perfect. The same accessory advice as with the jumpsuit.