DSC01110My thoughts today: 4/9/15

This morning while making breakfast for my husband Kurt, I started thinking about what it was like to be a working mom with children and the challenges that go along with that job.I remember it being a very busy time when my children were home and I was working outside the home. So how did I do it all and still maintain a sense of style? One word, Organization.

While some areas of my life were  turned upside down ,I always planned an afternoon (usually Sunday) to get myself organized for the week ahead. this meant me spending time in my closet putting outfits together,including shoes and accessories.Kurt laughs and calls it my weekly closet cleaning.. I would and still do, get out clothes and place them all over the bed.This is so I can see that all are pressed and ready to go,saving precious time in the morning. (hint: a very good habit to pass on to your children) This can also help you avoid the morning meltdowns before you walk out the door.

Organization takes time but in the end saves time and takes away frustration. This is how I do it: After I select the outfits I will be wearing, I pick out the shoes and accessories, then hang them in a separate area of my closet. This works well for most days, but is not foolproof. The weather does not always cooperate with my wardrobe choices,but having a base to work with , makes it easier to swap out a few things with minimal effort. Hope you will find this helpful! until next time, Happy Shopping!                 Melissa