In Prima magazine  April  2015 issue, I enjoyed an article I want to share about wasting time. Yes you read it right, Wasting Time !
According to this article it is good to waste some time on yourself. Listed below are the 8 worthwhile ways to be a time waster.
* Take 5 minutes to have a brainstorming session on what you like to do to relax.
Think about your five senses; Relax with music?,watching birds in a garden?,taking a hot bath?,or just being still and letting your mind relax allowing you to switch off and unwind.
* Rediscover your loves.
Think of ten things you used to enjoy but have not done for ages. Taking photos,scrap booking,sewing, listening to your favorite music or even a girl’s getaway……. Spa,happy hour or a weekend. Doing things just for yourself feel odd at first but give yourself permission to explore what you love.
* Get Moving
Whether you find exercise a chore or pleasure depends on how you do it. Keep it gentle.. Take 15 minutes of your lunch break to walk which helps to release feel good endorphins while at the same time get rid of stresses, hormone cortisol.. Do this everyday and you will start to feel better. Sunlight will help to boost your vitamin D ,giving your mood a lift.
* Go tech -free for one hour
Spend time away from a tablet or computer. Research has shown that too much time in front of a computer screen increases stress ,sleep disorders, and symptoms of depression.
* Enjoy Mini me time
Little and often is the answer. A big fix is great but small doses everyday are preferred so stress does not build up in the first place. The secret is to find a place everyday where you can just chill out giving time to recharge,motivate and let inspiration return. If you do this regularly your body will start to crave and anticipate this downtime.
* Slow down
Meditation can mean different things to you, from reading a book ,writing in a journal or just thumbing through a magazine. Taking the time to waste some time will make you a better Spouse, Mom, and friend.
* Waste time at work. Really!
Nothing that will get you fired but, taking a mental break can increase productivity.  It was suggested you take your shoes off for 5 minutes and massage your feet with a tennis ball. This is supposed to relax your body and free up your mind.  I need to try this one as I have plenty of tennis balls around!
*Look up
While walking remind yourself to look up. We spend so much time looking down that this has an affect on our necks and spines. Looking down increases the load on your spine which ultimately leads to bad posture and makes your body hold on to stress.Looking up and forward allows oxygen to flow freely around the body releasing stress. I definitely need to try this one!
Okay,now my thoughts on this topic of wasting time. First of all, I feel time for yourself is a vital part of your overall health. Although, I was not good at it while raising my children , I want to encourage you to make some time for yourself everyday. This will help you to maintain a clear perspective of what things are important and make you a better wife,mother and friend. The happiest years were when I had a balance of time in my life. I don’t consider taking the time to do things I love or enjoy as wasting time. It’s absolutely a necessity!  So relax read a magazine and have that second cup of coffee. Trust me the laundry isn’t going anywhere !