Your closet says a lot about you, whether you like it or not. If you are unorganized, you most likely have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear. Many women are frustrated by Fashion in general, never knowing what to wear, much less where to find it. Let me help you clear the clutter out of your closet and direct you to the new you, she’s in that closet somewhere! I feel the first mistake we make is to try to do it all at once. Look at it this way; your closet did not get that way overnight so it’s not going to be fixed in one day! Set a date…

   Let’s not delay— Let’s get started— What are you waiting for?

Day 1 — Take EVERYTHING out of your closet and move into an extra room, a guest room is ideal.

 Next, use this time to paint your closet, walls and shelves. Maybe consider textured wallpaper or a soft pastel color for the walls. Have the carpet cleaned, change out light bulbs and add additional or brighter lights to enhance your clothes especially, if your closet has no natural lighting.

 Day 2– sort through your clothes and put into categories. Tops/Blouses, Slacks/Jeans, Skirts, Jackets, Sweaters.

 Do the same with your shoes and categorize according to style and season.

 While doing this check condition of everything and determine if it is time to say goodbye! Possibly donate if still in good shape.

 Day 3– Now comes the hard part …ask a trusted and honest friend to come over and help you decide what looks good on you and flatters you. Try on everything before deciding if it can go into your new closet.

  Factors to consider:

 * Is this flattering on me? Do I feel good in it? Is it dated and out of style?

 * Does it fit well? Does it need tailoring? Is it worth the cost of tailoring?

  * Do you have something to wear with it?

 Next you will create 3 piles: Keep, Undecided, and Give away

 To determine which pile to put a garment in you will need to follow these criteria.

 Keep – Fits well and flatters your figure, pairs nicely with other things you own.

Undecided – Fits ok but not sure you will wear it. If you have the space, keep it for one more season and if it goes unworn, donate.

Give away – Does not fit well and is not flattering, style is dated.

 Day 4– Continue Day 3 process adding shoes and accessories to the decision process.

 Day 5–Purchase new hangers of all the same color for a clean and updated look. I also would recommend purchasing clear plastic shoe boxes to store your shoes. Now take your garments, shoes and accessories you have decided to keep and place them in your closet. Organizing and hanging clothes by category will make getting ready a breeze. Enjoy your new closet!

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