We all have probably dreamed of being Cinderella at one time or another, waiting for prince charming to slip that perfect pair of glass slippers on our feet and whisk us away in a horse drawn carriage. It doesn’t surprise me that two of my favorite fairytales revolve around a pair of shoes. Glass slippers in one and ruby slippers in another. I love both Cinderella and The Wizard of Oz and in both cases a single pair of high heeled shoes changed the lives of two women.
I believe this is not just a fairytale but a fact, women feel different about themselves when they put on a pair of high heels. I even put it to the test and questioned 5 random women shopping for shoes. Here are the responses I received;

*I would not eat out for months to save money to buy a new pair of beautiful shoes because of how special they make me feel when I wear them.
*I feel like a princess *I feel sexy *I feel grown up  *Reminds me of when I was a little girl always wanting to wear my Mom’s high heels.  ** Especially the red ones!
Do any of these resonate with you, What would be your response if asked this question?
How do you feel when you slip into high heels? I personally feel very feminine and even sexy in my high heels and I love to wear them! While they are not always the most practical footwear choice, I do prefer to wear them over a pair of flats. I like to look and feel tall, plus it makes your legs look longer! which is always a plus! A strappy pair of wedges will also do the trick and can give you the height you get with heels and tend to be more comfortable to wear. I went shopping for high heels to show you a few that will definitely make you feel like a princess! Enjoy the the shoes I have selected for you and get on your heels!

Ruby Red High Heels

A perfect replica of Dorothy’s ruby red slipper from The Wizard of Oz.

Betsey Johnson High Heels

High Heels/ red pumps

A beautiful and sophisticated red pump with embellished toe.


High Heels/Red Pumps

Everyday red pump… great with jeans and a blazer.

High Heels/Red pumps with bow detail

The perfect bow on toe red pump by none other than Kate Spade

Red High Heels are the perfect addition to your fall and winter wardrobe. Hope you find yours.! Check out more styles and brands at  #Shopstyle

T strap white high heels


This may not be a glass slipper from Cinderella but I would feel like a princess if prince charming slid this on my foot!

Crystal embellished t-strap High Heel by Rene Caovilla

High Heels/Silver sparkle with embellishment

Embellished toe high heels

High Heels/Silver glitter pump

Glitzy Silver pumps