Celebrate 2016 today at midnight with friends and that special someone. New Year’s Eve is a time we all celebrate the end of a year passed, hopefully remembering the good times we had and the memories we’ve made with family and friends. It can also be a time of reflection for the future, offering insight on how we want to live in the upcoming year and the accomplishments or goals we want to attain for ourselves. Let’s throw out the old that wasn’t so good and start a new chapter in our life today.  Time to hit the refresh button on your life!  Here’s a toast to a new beginning….

Happy New Year!

Celebrate 2016

My reflections of 2015 and my goals for 2016 have some similarity but at the same time are very different end goals that I want to achieve. We all tend to put the same goals at the top of the list each year like… Lose Weight, Eat Healthier, Exercise More. While those certainly are great goals to have, we tend to start out strong for the first few weeks and then by mid February we have slipped back into our old comfortable habits and convince ourselves that we will do it when the weather starts to warm up. Sound familiar? So what will make this year any different? Here are a few simple ideas to help you stay accountable for your New Year’s Resolutions. 1. Set a goal  2.Write it down 3. Keep it where you can see it everyday. 4. Journal your thoughts.  I have found some journals for you to check out here. Click on the links below for details.

1. Make Things Happen Journal                 2. She Knew…Journal               3. Live The Life…Journal

4. World Travels Journal                           5. Travel Journal                          6. Travel 50 States Journal

Celebrate 2016

Travel Essentials Journal

7. Travel Essential Journal



8. Eat, Drink,Move,Sleep Journal               9. Yoga Journal

10. Bright Ideas Journal                               11. Dream Journal                        12. Teach Me… Journal 

Journals are a great gift idea for the newlywed and those planning to wed. It’s special for those that want to record the details of their big day and the events leading up to it. A cherished treasure of your time together as Mr. & Mrs.

13. Reasons I want to marry you Journal   14. Journal for the Newlyweds  15. Wedding Journal

18. It’s Gonna Be Ok… Journal            19. Inspire Others… Journal      20. Awesome Journal 

21. Fashion Journal                         22. Shoe Journal


Even if you don’t Journal regularly this Bucket List Journal will be handy as you begin to write things down that you want to do in your lifetime.  Celebrate 2016 by writing down the events in your life’s journey and have fun journaling in 2016!