Let 2016 be a Healthy New Year for you… Live everyday like there is no tomorrow by nourishing your mind, body and soul. First start your day with quiet time…Prayer and daily devotionals are the best for setting the tone for your day and help to change your focus. These activities feed the mind and soul. Striving to be a positive light in someone else’s life can have a positive effect on your own life. When you bless someone else you end up being blessed, which feeds your mind and soul. These blessings have positive effects on the body. However, I would encourage physical activity to feed the body as well. The mind, body and soul are all inner related and can positively or adversely affect each other, so it’s important to take care of all three equally. How about some new workout wear to get you started ? For me, this is always good motivation. Take a look at some of the stylish things I’ll be wearing to the gym this year. Hope you will join me for a healthy new year! Remember whatever your goals, be kind to yourself… and realistic.  Let’s get moving!


  1. Life is short …tee        2. Yoga Pants      3. Movement tank

Ladies here are some items for my full figured fashionistas that want to look stylish and get healthy.

Styles available in Plus Sizes                 

Click to get details ….          1.Tank        2. Workout pants       3. Black tee

Another source of motivation can be to journal your excercise routine and the foods you eat to help you stay accountable. Check out this journal or try tracking your workouts with a Fitbit like this one shown here.

Think about adding some music to your daily routine with Music for Yoga or Lean Walk CDs. It can help to get you moving or help you to relax and unwind.

Here are a few more styles of workout wear I have chosen for you…. Click the links and take a look! Check back soon for a daily workout routine that even the busiest of women can find the time to do! It’s my own secret to staying healthy and lean and I want to share it with you! Subscribe to my blog for free with your email in the sidebar and never miss a new post. It will come straight to your email!

Plus Size:  Click links for details       1. Tank          2. Jacket     3. Yoga pants 

These are some of my favorite brands for workout shoes that I have worn. The fit is comfortable and supportive for high level impact workouts. 1. ASICS   2. NIKE   3. PUMA  

Regular Sizes: Click links for details  1. yoga pants  2.sports bra  3. workout tank

Check out a few of these bargains…

1.Tank with sports bra                   2. sports bra                3. Laser cutout tank


Here’s to a Healthy New Year!  Happy Shopping!