What do I mean by Beauty at any Cost? The Beauty and cosmetic industry makes Billions of dollars every year selling beauty products to women. Whether we want to admit it or not it we all have contributed to those numbers. For better or worse the cosmetic companies know how to market to women’s vulnerabilities, and make a lot of money doing it. A woman’s looks are directly tied to her confidence as a woman.  The confidence of physically attractive women seems to help their position  in the workplace and society in general. Seemingly unattractive women with the same confidence have a much harder time at achieving the same position in the workplace and in society as do their counterparts. What and how we view ourselves is a direct reflection of what we get back from society. Society can be cruel and unfair… Unfortunately, we are very visual beings and tend to act favorably to things we like or find attractive to look at. Right or wrong it’s the truth of the matter. We have all  been guilty of this at one time or another, judging people by their looks before getting to know them. Cosmetics play a huge roll in a woman’s confidence regarding her looks. The time and money spent on beauty products is astounding. I feel some women would forgo eating lunch out to buy their cosmetics. Anyone agree?

So if you are going to use these products shouldn’t they be safe for you to use?  Shouldn’t someone be regulating what goes into making these products? I was shocked to find the answers to these questions and I think you will be too!

Beauty At All Cost

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Beauty At All Cost

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Beauty At Any Cost

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