“MY BLOGGING LIFE” encompasses my everyday style, finding beauty in everyday life… Be #StylishEverday!

I recently attended a blog conference ” THRIVE ” founded by two bloggers Breanna Pair @breepair and Whitney Hough @observantturtle. Each speaker talked about their area of expertise and their experience with blogging. It was here, I learned and was encouraged to” Find My Voice” and “Pursue My Passion”. These directives led me to ask myself  WHY? and for what purpose did I start writing a fashion and beauty blog. I knew I wanted to influence women in their choices for fashion and educate them about the different  beauty products on the market, but that wasn’t the real heart of it. I had started to notice that women around me in everyday life were less confident in all their decision making. This concerned me, especially for myself and my friends that were entering the stage of life… the empty nester. It sounds like heaven to a mother of multiple children in the middle of daily homework,the pile of endless laundry and the dinner hour looming ahead. The days of being needed in this capacity have diminished as the last child leaves the nest and a quietness fills the house. It is a change of life that has been coming for 18 years and yet somehow sneaks up on you. It takes time and a period of adjustment to realize the freedoms you now have and can enjoy. I struggled in the beginning until I found something I was completely passionate about. My friends were not surprised at all by my new venture and were supportive and encouraging even though the world of blogging was like a foreign language to them. HaHa! The heart of the matter is … I want to encourage and empower women to keep on living after the nest becomes empty. This is what I realized .. Yes, you can start a new career and yes, you can learn a hobby or take up a new sport. The only person stopping you is YOU!

You can make a difference in another person’s life, you can be the voice of change, you can influence how women view themselves. This is my WHY!  Regardless of how many people are writing blogs, they are not me. I have my own unique voice and way to reach out and touch the lives of others through my own personal life experiences. Sometimes it’s just to let someone know that your not alone. I love to think and hope that my blog will encourage even just one woman to take the first step to personal freedom, find her voice, and ultimately find her gifts and God given purpose.  My purpose is to encourage women to live the life they were intended, not being afraid to take that first step into a life filled with hope and blessings.

Blogging has been that vehicle to which I am  most effectively able to reach women struggling to find their purpose and self confidence. It has served by connecting me with other professional women that also have gifts and the hearts to serve the needs of women. I am encouraged by the number of bloggers sharing their stories of life, love and travel and feel their voices can positively affect women’s views. I hope you will join me. Subscribe in the sidebar with your email and you will never miss a post!

God is so good! Just as I am completing this post I received my weekly text message from my pastor … The timing of this message could not have been scripted any better.

“You don’t need to know where you are going if you know God is leading! Don’t run ahead of Him today. Walk with Him.

How appropriate for me today with all the uncertainties life presents. Today I will be waiting for Him to take the lead!

XOXO, Melissa