Crochet Fashion Revival… The word crochet is derived from the Old French crochet, a diminutive of croche, in turn from the Germanic croc, both meaning “hook”. It was used in 17th-century French lace making, crochetage designating a stitch used to join separate pieces of lace, and crochet subsequently designating both a specific type of fabric and the hooked needle used to produce it. Although that fabric is not known to be crochet in the present sense, a genealogical relationship between the techniques sharing that name appears likely.  ( Wikipedia)

Crochet in fashion changed with the end of the Victorian era in the 1890’s. The disappearance of the strong colors used during the Victorian era gave way to white and pastel threads used to make doilies and other home crafts of the 20th century. Although crochet underwent a decline in popularity the 21st century has seen a revival of its use, especially in fashion.
There are many more patterns available now and classes available to learn this timeless craft. I know they say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks but I may have to try my hand at this and at least make a doily. I will let you know how it turns out! Join me, it will be fun!
In the meantime enjoy some of the great crochet fashion I have found to share with you! CROCHET REVIVAL

A Spring treasure, this cotton blouse is beautifully embroidered with eye-catching colors and intricate patterns. Inspired by the care-free style and beauty of traditional Romanian peasant tops, this piece features tasseled ties, elastic cuffs and a relaxed silhouette. Lightweight and airy, this gauze fabric is sure to leave you cool and comfortable all season long. I chose to pair it with lightly distressed jeans and lace up sandals with a chunky heel. Get the details here…>Peasant top …> Similar distressed denim jeans ...>lace up sandals.

With so many crochet tops to choose from I have listed a few others here for you to check out. Just click on the links.