It was December of 1963 that I met this incredible young woman, Linda Sue Billings, and at the time I had no idea the influence she would have on my life. She and my father were very young when I, their first born, was brought into the world. As young parents, the stories she has shared with me were ones of fear and excitement as I grew into a toddler. At 15 months Mom gave me the gift of a little sister and then another sister 8 years later. Dad was surrounded by girls, but loved every minute of it! Our home in Lubbock, Texas was never a dull place to be and Mom never complained about having 3 girls to raise, even when times in one big bathroom got a little crazy. I never knew any different and it was fun to always be surrounded by family. I remember the clothes my Mom made me and my sisters, sundresses with smocking and tie straps were one of my favorites. Mom always put our needs first and I never felt that I did without. I  remember always looking forward to Saturday when I was growing up. Saturday was shopping day, all 3 girls, my mom and my Granny got together to shop and go out to lunch. We would pick Granny up, go to the bank to deposit our weekly dollar into our savings accounts before going to the mall. I was blessed that my Granny, Lavee Baker (maternal grandmother) lived only a few blocks from us as she too had a positive influence on my life. I can still hear the wisdom of her words and hold the memory of her in my heart. Her passing, 8/8/98, left a whole in my heart and in our family. Shared memories and selfless love…A Tribute To My Mom.

A woman of incredible strength and resilience, the life she lives displays her faith in God and taught me that whatever troubles life brings, Nothing is to big for God !

My Mom has done more for me than any person in my life, and today I want to thank her for the selfless love she has always given me and for being my best friend. I am so blessed to have you as my Mom.

Happy Mother’s Day …. I love you Mom!  XOXO Melissa