Happy Blogaversary! (One year blog anniversary)   I’m celebrating what started out a year ago as a hobby, growing into so much more than I expected, I needed a Time of Reflection … Blogging for 12 months took a lot more time and energy than I ever could have imagined. I have learned more about a computer and building a website than I or my children ever thought possible. You know the saying “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” Well, I proved them wrong, I’m happy to say! Writing a blog to inspire women was the goal I set out to achieve and some days I felt more qualified to do this than others. Many times I found myself being inspired by the amazing women I have met this year. What I mean to say is, it’s not always easy to be who you want to be and live life to it’s fullest, without allowing the insecurities thrust upon us by today’s society rob us of our dreams. I hope you will stick around to learn more about my year.

During this “Time of Reflection”  I want to share some of the experiences I have had and people I have met during this first year that have helped to shape the direction of my blog going forward. Here are a few people and organizations that I have had the pleasure to be apart of this year. They have encouraged me and cheered me on to move forward with my blog Style Revival.

Trina Turk… Market Street (Elizabeth, Evelyn, Gabby, Lisa)

Michael Kors… Market Street/TW Mall (Rachel, Lauren, Ryan, Annalisa)

Elaine Turner…Market Street (Missy, Melissa, Dunya)

IGoPink…The Woodlands ( Erica, Jen )

Couture for Casa…(Mitzi Fox, Amy Lampman)

Worth Beauty/Blendsmart …(Lori, Deborah)

These are just a few of the people I have had the opportunity to not only work with but also develop friendships.  I have met some amazing women in this year long journey that have inspired and encouraged me.  I could not have gotten as far as I have without the support of my family and friends that sometimes took a backseat to my work/hobby. My sweet husband Kurt, followed me all over Southern France with a camera taking shots for my blog. We did invest in a selfie stick to get some shots of the two of us. Ha Ha!

The expertise of my photographer, Wendy Smiley of Eternity Pics,  has been invaluable. I am so thankful for her patience with me and always enjoy the time we spend together. We have some funny stories of what goes on during our photo shoots that I will share with you. Always a surprise… running to get out of the rain, sneaking into places that we were asked to leave and wardrobe changes in the oddest of places. Every outing was an adventure and we always had a good laugh!

Wendy and Me

Meet my photographer and friend…. Wendy Smiley


The unexpected Oops!… I hate when they put stickers on the bottom of your shoes, especially when I forget to remove them.  Notice my level of concentration!  Haha!

red coat and black leggings

The photos we took to show winter clothes and accessories when it was still nearly 80 degrees outside! No close ups here… Sweat beading up on my face because I was so hot underneath all those clothes! …. Hope this fall and winter are a little cooler or I may have to leave town to take photos. North Carolina here I come!


Welcome to my dressing room! Holding up blankets and using the sun shields to give me some privacy my car became my dressing room on wheels. I did get some funny looks from people that saw me get in and then come out in a different outfit.

Time of Reflection

This is one of my many shots from Southern France…. Hugs to my sweet Hubby!

Time of Reflection

We had a wonderful time in Southern France…definitely the trip of a lifetime!

Trina Turk SaleWe got escorted out of this office building and were told not to come back and take any photos… I’m such a rebel… waited until security left and walked back in and got them anyway! What is the big deal?

Time of Reflection

Today I was so happy to find an ice-cream truck …  I love eating on the job !  Just another hot day in Houston!

Time of Reflection

Sometimes we just played around… This photo was taken at a park during my shoot for “ALL ABOUT PLAID” and I just had to release the child in me !

Time of reflection

Since we were shooting in a forested area I did not have any AC so I had to improvise and make use of what was available. Here I’m letting the fringe fly… my portable fan in the woods.


My dressing room in the woods…I had to get creative with wardrobe changes in the forest.  Sometimes you do what you gotta do!

Time of Reflection

Break time at the end of the photo shoot in the woods…

Time of Reflection

It can be a little awkward walking on rocks in high heels to get a photo on the railroad tracks… the things I do for you…Haha! My daughter was my photographer today… We make a great team!  We got stopped by a policeman in the parking lot asking what we were doing inside a car with all the windows covered with blankets? Changing clothes of course! He didn’t know how to respond… just laughed and walked away.

Time of Reflection

Playing in the water with some little friends… I took this opportunity to play and get my feet wet!

Time of Reflection

Another place we were asked to leave and not take photos… I went in to the ladies room and somehow ended up on the balcony!

Time of Reflecion

I made a few furry friends along the way.  Here I’m getting a little puppy love… Photographed by my dear friend, Marcy Pryor, Blogger @ The Bayland House.com

Time of reflection

And a little tribute to Michael Jackson…

My blogging journey has had its ups and downs, I am using this Time of Reflection to look back on the good times and plan for the future of my blog. I wanted my blog to inspire and encourage women and have found that in doing so I have met women that have inspired and encouraged me. One example of how I have been blessed; Meet Magui Dunn, A beautiful young woman so full of love and joy. While a drunk driver may have robbed her of physical movement, It did not take away her joy of living. She has this incredible energy you  can’t help but feel when you meet her and hear her story. Full of life, her courage and positive outlook blessed me. I was fortunate enough to get to meet Magui through a friend and with the generosity of Blendsmart/Worth Beauty products, I was able to gift her a rotating makeup brush. It put a smile on my face to see Magui tryout the brush. I hope it puts a smile on yours too.

IMG_4353 IMG_4350

I hope you have a Blessed Day!  XOXO Melissa