The story you’re telling yourself deeply impacts the story you are living in this world. When you look in the mirror what do you see? Is your first thought a negative one? Are you overly critical identifying every flaw you see? This is probably every woman’s day at one time or another. Just think about how different your day would be if it started out with a positive word to yourself. Building ourselves up daily makes us less vulnerable to what the world can do to us. On the contrary, if we start our day with tearing ourselves down based on the physical we see in the mirror we are making ourselves vulnerable and an easy target. It’s hard to see ourselves from the inside out, but what if we could? What would that look like?

Would you see a Devoted Mom? a Loving Wife? a Loyal Friend? Words that empower us as women that are not solely focused on the physical. I believe it’s time to help every woman take back what society today has robbed her of. Self acceptance, self confidence, and the ability to love herself, flaws and all. It’s time for a movement empowering women to live with confidence and acceptance of themselves from the inside out. Living with confidence and loving yourself from the inside out go hand in hand, and one is not possible without the other.

Do you have any idea how much money is spent on products that claim to make us look younger and make us feel better about ourselves? What a marketing tool that is! Tell women their skin is losing 1% of its collagen everyday from age 30 on and watch the sale of products claiming to reverse this effect fly off the shelves! Same thing with wrinkle cream and any makeup that claims to reduce the signs of aging. We treat aging like it’s a disease. We are continually working to find something to help our outside appearance and ignoring the real problem: the way we view ourselves on the inside. Is this a healthy way to live? What if you did not wear makeup to your next outing with friends? How do you think people would react to you? Does it make you more appealing to look at? Make you a better friend ? Rob you of your confidence?

It’s scary to think about how much time, energy and money we spend on fixing our physical imperfections just to make us feel good about ourselves and acceptable to society standards. All this and yet we are encouraged to be ourselves! How is that possible with all the hoops we jump through just to leave the house in the morning? No wonder there is a problem with pain medication abuse and scores of women on anti-depressants. Believing what the world tells us means we are doomed to get old and wrinkly starting at the age of 30 if we don’t do x, y, z regimen for the rest of our lives. Good grief, just writing about this depresses me! Not to mention the amount of money I myself have spent on products that claim to make me feel good about something.

The real truth is how much have I wasted on purchasing these products and gotten only temporary results. Unless you have a magic wand to turn back the hands of time you are going to age. The only good thing about that is you will not be alone! That I promise, and as they say – “you can bank on it.” Aging gracefully is my motto and like everything else in life…in moderation. Enjoy life, love the ones your with and don’t take things so seriously. Your life is a journey and everyday should be an adventure. At the end of your days what do you want people to remember about you? Hopefully it’s the qualities of a devoted mom, a loving wife and a loyal friend. No one will say you looked good for your age and that you used your wrinkle cream everyday! Even if you did! Haha!

My son and I recently had a conversation about what people would say about us when we are gone from this world and we laughed about it! It’s humbling to think about how others view the way you live your life. I have been so blessed in every area of my life but can still find things to be unhappy about sometimes. It just goes to show you that no matter how perfect your life seems to be, it really isn’t. It’s only a facade we all put up to convince ourselves and others that our life is perfect because that is what is expected. Let’s really take back our lives and instead of it controlling us, let’s write our own story. Let’s choose what we allow to influence our decisions about how we deal with our age and Be fabulous at every age in mind body and spirit.

Aging is a blessing and a gift, even if it doesn’t seem to be at times. Aging has given women the wisdom of experience which alone should empower older women to do great things. It is our responsibility to teach, mentor and encourage young women coming up behind us. It is not our job to tell them that life is over after you turn 50, get gray hair and the dreaded wrinkles. It is a fact of life that we will all age, get wrinkles and by the grace of God live to be old. Young people should not spend their youth worrying about getting old much less getting wrinkled skin! It should be considered a crime that young women are being encouraged to start Botox in their early 30’s to prevent deep wrinkles later in life. Why is that Men are considered distinguished when they start to grey and get wrinkles and women cry and run to the hairdresser and plastic surgeon to have any signs of aging covered up. Definitely a double standard. Is it because women are so insecure in their relationships that they fear any sign of aging would make them less desirable as a woman? Society seems to answer yes to this fear making it a real concern for women over 50.

My desire is to help empower these women that society has oppressed, making them realize that their lives still matter and they have value and a voice. Start today and take back the life you’ve been robbed of and start living again. Accept your flaws, and yes even wrinkles as part of the beautiful woman you are … a timeless masterpiece.  It’s time to love ourselves from the inside out!

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