I decided to start this blog because I felt there definitely was a need to a share with women the advice that I have attained through my experiences and even mistakes. During the time women are working outside the home, raising children, and possibly being a caregiver to an ailing parent, there is not a lot of time or energy left for themselves. Shopping for themselves becomes a luxury. Even when you do get away for time to yourself it usually has to fit into the time parameters between dropping off and picking up children and allowing enough time to get home and prepare dinner. Because I love fashion and everything that goes with it, I want to give back and offer a place for women to come and get the information they are looking for, everything from style to beauty tips. I am passionate about encouraging and empowering women to be the best they can be at every age! My intention is to give women 40+ the confidence back that is sometimes misplaced through the course of life. I hope you will join me on this Journey and allow me to REVIVE your style!

I am…


Married with 2 Children, living in The Woodlands, Texas

A graduate of Texas Tech University

I enjoy…

Tennis, Golf, Hiking and Playing with my dog, Mika

I love…

to travel both in the U.S and abroad. Some of my favorite places to travel are Venice, Paris and London. I love the beaches in Hawaii, which is where this photo was taken. It is amazing to see the humpback whales that migrate from Alaska to Hawaii to give birth and nurse their calves. A sight to treasure!