Oct 18th, 2015 FASHION mwmelissa 6 min read

Weekend style is to me a few days I can relax and have a little more fun with my clothes. Typically I tend to dress more formal I guess you would say, at least that’s what my friends would say about me. I do enjoy being well put together and that is the term I prefer rather than formal, but hey, no big deal. A…


Oct 10th, 2015 FASHION mwmelissa 9 min read

What style is Appropriate business attire for everyday in the office? What do I wear for an interview ? What not to wear to an interview? These questions will be addressed in this post with looks that you can shop to be successful and stylish from the interview straight into your first day at the office. Before we get to the clothes you will wear,…

April Showers

Apr 20th, 2015 FASHION mwmelissa 1 min read

                                                                                                                                                                  April showers do bring Flowers!

Weekly Wardrobe

Mar 27th, 2015 FASHION mwmelissa 1 min read

Use this page to guide your style for the week. I am confident you can create your own version of these looks from your very own closet. Accessories, like a silk scarf or a one of a kind piece of jewelry sets your outfit apart from the norm,so, go ahead and splurge on these pieces. You’ll be amazed how those pieces really pull an outfit…