Jun 30th, 2016 FASHION mwmelissa 10 min read

Happy Blogaversary! (One year blog anniversary)   I’m celebrating what started out a year ago as a hobby, growing into so much more than I expected, I needed a Time of Reflection … Blogging for 12 months took a lot more time and energy than I ever could have imagined. I have learned more about a computer and building a website than I or my…

Rodeo, Fringe and Cowboy Boots


Feb 7th, 2016 FASHION mwmelissa 4 min read

In Texas, Rodeo, Fringe and Cowboy Boots go hand in hand. The Rodeo comes to Houston late February into mid March. It’s here that we go to see the cowboys and cowgirls compete in calf roping, bull riding and barrel racing. Eating everything you can imagine… fried pickles, BBQ, and corn on the cob, topped off with your choice of beverage. The fair  grounds outside…



Feb 4th, 2016 FASHION mwmelissa 4 min read

The W by Worth Spring 2016 Collection has arrived! Gorgeous fabrics and prints will bring your wardrobe alive as Spring approaches. This beautiful collection is available only online or with your personal stylist….ME!  Click HERE to enter W by Worth and Shop with me for the latest Spring arrivals. You cam also enter the store through Places I shop, Located in the sidebar. I am…

Resort Wear


Jan 18th, 2016 FASHION mwmelissa 6 min read

Cold winter days with gray skies make us wish for an early spring arrival. Although we can’t change mother natures calendar, we can escape for our own winter getaway to feel the warm sun on our skin for just awhile. My winter getaway this year is Hawaii, on the island of Kauai. Leaving soon, I’ll need to start packing for my winter getaway. I thought…

Perfectly Plaid

Aug 26th, 2015 FASHION mwmelissa 10 min read

All over the stores this fall you can find every kind of plaid you could ever imagine! Showing up in blouses,skirts,pants and scarves you have many options to choose from. The bottom line – Plaid shirts won’t die, they only continue to evolve. I have found some interesting facts and history about plaid and how it became so popular. Let’s start with the origin of…