Royal Hawaiian Honolulu


Mar 1st, 2016 FASHION, Travel mwmelissa 7 min read

The last stop of my Hawaiian getaway…The Royal Hawaiian, Honolulu located on the famous Waikiki beach boasts beautiful views of a gentle surf , soft sandy beaches and the turquoise waters of the Pacific. Also seen from the hotel, the tuff cone, known as Diamond Head sits in the background and at 762 ft. tall it’s perfect for that birds eye view of Honolulu, not…

Poipu Hawaii


Feb 21st, 2016 FASHION mwmelissa 6 min read

Part three of my Hawaii winter getaway takes us to the south side of Kauai known as Poipu Hawaii. The south side is known to have a dry and sunny weather year round with temperatures in the low 80’s. The consistency in weather is great for scheduling your daily outdoor activities and even with an occasional rain shower your plans  will not be disrupted. On…


Feb 15th, 2016 FASHION mwmelissa 4 min read

Welcome to Hawaii Part Two… If you are just joining me, I encourage you to visit the previous Hawaii post to see the breathtaking Napali coast line. This part of the story will take us a little inland for some fun activities. First on the list, hiking the Hanakapiai Trail. This trail starts at the end of the road that runs thru the town of…

Hawaii A Winter Getaway


Feb 9th, 2016 FASHION mwmelissa 5 min read

Hawaii, A Winter Getaway, is known to have some of the best beaches in the world. I have been blessed enough to visit all of them over the years in my travels to Hawaii. This winter I visited Kauai, known for being the wettest of all the Hawaiian islands, with lots of rain meaning very lush tropical gardens all over the island. On the North…

Vacation Re~Wind Hawaii

Jul 5th, 2015 FASHION mwmelissa 21 min read

I am so excited to share the experiences I have enjoyed while visiting Hawaii. I have had the privilege to visit all ,except Molokai , of the islands in Hawaii and because of this friends always ask which is my favorite? I struggle answering this question because I love all of them for different reasons. As I will show you there are many different things…