Distressed Jeans


Jun 23rd, 2016 FASHION mwmelissa 4 min read

Distressed and all ripped up is the current trend for jeans this season. I personally have struggled with this trend because I am accustomed to wearing jeans without holes or distressing. I have gradually given in to mild distressing and even a few holes… Your style is wherever your comfort level lies. Be Stylish Everyday ! Here is where my comfort level is… For now…

Sweater Weather

Nov 10th, 2015 FASHION mwmelissa 3 min read

Sweater weather is upon us and this years trend is sweaters in the shape of ponchos and long dusters which offer more flexibility and opportunity for layering with tees and turtlenecks. If your weather warms up as the day wears on than you can peel off a layer and still be stylishly  comfortable. Living in south Texas is always disappointing for me, as far as…


Oct 28th, 2015 FASHION mwmelissa 11 min read

What does your everyday style look like? Mine is usually dressy casual for the most part, simply because of my schedule, meeting and networking with companies and individuals. When I do choose to go more casual I like to wear some of the tops and sweaters from Splendid. They have very soft and comfy fabrics, most of which have some cashmere in the fabric blend….


Oct 10th, 2015 FASHION mwmelissa 9 min read

What style is Appropriate business attire for everyday in the office? What do I wear for an interview ? What not to wear to an interview? These questions will be addressed in this post with looks that you can shop to be successful and stylish from the interview straight into your first day at the office. Before we get to the clothes you will wear,…


Oct 1st, 2015 FASHION mwmelissa 6 min read

Fall is the perfect time of year to set back and reflect…THE PERFECT FALL , (to me) ,includes daytime temperatures in the upper 60’s, Pumpkin spiced lattes and a hot bowl of potato soup. I love the changing of the season, Fall means it’s almost time to bring out a sweater, wear my boots and jeans and if we’re lucky a coat or at least…

Weekly Wardrobe

Mar 27th, 2015 FASHION mwmelissa 1 min read

Use this page to guide your style for the week. I am confident you can create your own version of these looks from your very own closet. Accessories, like a silk scarf or a one of a kind piece of jewelry sets your outfit apart from the norm,so, go ahead and splurge on these pieces. You’ll be amazed how those pieces really pull an outfit…